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We create the right VOICE for it.

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We have been developing human-sounding voices since 2021.

Our engine is based on our neuronal synthetic engine.

Here are two examples

On the left side is an english audio example, on the right side you hear an custom enterprise voice that we develop for a customer.

Our service

After we have created your personalized voice for VOICESURFER, you can enter any text in your native language via our web interface. If you wish, we will then safely translate your text into the chosen target language and then create the audio file. No developer is required for this.

Translate any text from language A to B. We support translation for German, English, Japanese, Chinese, Portugues, Spanish, Italian, France, Polish, Russian, Greece, Romanian, Finnland, Sweden and Netherlend. The translation can be used automatically before you synthesize your audio file.

The VOICESURFER backend engine guarantees an audio file which corresponds to CD quality in 44.1 HZ wav format. That is the highest qualiy you can get. We also follow the EBU-128 norm so that all audio files have a controlled audio-level with enough headround for adjustments in every editing software like Adobe or Apple Final-Cut.


Generate your own workflow

Automatic AI based translations

Highest audio CD quality

Lowest latency

API access without cost

OEM Branding

Free audio tools

Over 100 voices build

Download industry formats (wav)

24/7 free E-Mail service

Fair use pricing-model

No montly cost

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get access?

We enable every week 200-500 Accounts. Please register to be notified and use your company email address to register. We will review each new account, emails not identified with the corporate website cannot be processed at this time. Alternatively, you can send us a message if you are not using your company email address.

Can I share my account?

There is one account per user. A global company account with one company e-mail is possible.

I am a freelancer, can I use VOICESURFER?

Yes, VOICESURFER is for all self-employed. Our platform is currently not unlocked for private customers. We are working on a free non-commercial version.

What API interfaces and SDKs are available?

We have developed a REST API that is compatible with all programming languages and commandlines such as CURL. There are examples and documentation in the members area.

Can I create my own voice?

Yes, we can create that, but it is only possible in enterprise level. Creating your own voices is time consuming and costly if you want them to have the VOICESURFER quality.

How much cost the VOICESURFER service?

We have developed a very simple pricing model. You pay only what you need. We charge 0.004 Euro per character, including no extra costs for translation, synthesis and download in CD quality. The amount of credit on your account is never deactivated. There are no monthly fees. The number of downloads is unlimited.

Is there another pricing model?

For all inquiries, please use our contact form for all price inquiries and we will schedule an appointment for a personal consultation.

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