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We delivered over 152.129 hours of synthesized audio files in 2021

Text-to-speech that catches your attention. We have over 100 top voices available.

English audio examples

Spoken by Sophia
Spoken by Mattew

Chinese audio examples

Spoken by Liming
Spoken by Chao

Spanish audio examples

Spoken by Chiara
Spoken by Alejandro

German audio examples

Spoken by Jesscia
Spoken by Justus

Our service?

We support over 90 languages.

Enter any text of your choice in your native language. We will then safely translate your text into the chosen target language.

We have the best AI tranlsation engine.

Translate any text from english to spanish, to spanish to german and reverse. The translation is used before you synthesize your audiofile.

Best audioquality on the market

The VOICESURFER engine guarantees an audio file which corresponds to CD quality in 44.1 HZ wav format. That is the highest qualiy you can get. .

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The subtitle and audio inside the video was made with VOICESURFER


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  • Get 10 Euros budget for free.
  • For B2B customers only
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  • Same as bussiness, but also all features OnPremise
  • Building custom voices
  • Running in your network
  • MAN storage integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my credit expire?

No, the credit remains and does not expire.

Can I share my account?

There is one account per user. A global company account is possible.

I am a freelancer, can I use voicesurfer?

Yes, voicesurfer is for everyone who is self-employed. For private customers voicesurfer is currently not yet suitable.

What API interfaces and SDKs are available?

We have developed a REST API that is compatible with all programming languages and commandlines such as CURL. There are examples and documentation in the members area.

Can I create my own voice?

Yes, we can create that, but it is only possible in enterprise level. Creating your own voices is time consuming and costly if you want them to have the VOICESURFER quality.

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